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CONTACT METHOD: Plurk @ [plurk.com profile] original_fine
THREAD-JACKING: Go for it, I'm easy.
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: I'm okay with fourth walling and people recognizing Kirk. Don't expect him to accept he's fictional easily, though. Also, I'm okay with people mentioning future events as long as it's okay that Jim will try to shush them.
AVOIDED TOPICS: No limits for me.

CURRENT CANON POINT: Just at the end of the five year mission. If you've seen an episode of it, it's happened.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Human male, average size. Fit, but not skinny or narrow--he's got a little padding over his muscle a la fitness standards of the mid-20th century. Golden-brown hair, hazel eyes, symmetrical and pleasing features. Probably smells primarily of human, but may have some after-scent based on his long space travel and trips to many worlds? Depending on whether you'd notice something like that.
DEMEANOR: Jim is very charismatic. I don't mean you have to fall under his spell, but canonically he's quite charming. He is, however, aware of this and tries not to take advantage. He's open and affable, smiles a lot, but also has an air of command. He is used to being listened to. This can be construed as arrogance but it's a command he's worked hard to attain. He can be overly tactile (depending on character tolerance). He tends to cultivate an air of approachability without ever losing sight of his duty, which makes people on his crew want to follow him.
ABILITIES: Fairly diplomatic when he wants to be. Strong hand-to-hand fighter, can also use phasers and the like. Plays chess and other games of skill.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Typical human physiology. McCoy has him on a diet (not a lose weight diet, but a "keep the captain fit" diet) and McCoy's not here. By the way.
CABIN INFORMATION: He'll probably want it to look as much like his cabin on the Enterprise as possible, with, if possible, a bit more comfort. That means a lot of "futuristic" clean lines and solid colors, with maybe a larger bed and a nice chair.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Casual disregard for life. Oh, and Jim has some eating issues left over from a childhood trauma. Feel free to mention anything you like though, there are no limits to what I'm cool with playing.

MENTAL: Yes. Let me know the deets so I can help you. He'll fight, if he can, but he's just a strong-willed human.
MIMICRY: Yup. It's happened before!
VIOLENCE: Totally. Jim will try to talk them down and then fight back if he feels he has to.
DEBATE: Absolutely.
OTHER / NOTES: I'm really quite open. There's nothing I'd put a hard NO on, and if Jim would, well, that's the fun part to play out. Generally, however, all the above has happened in canon and it's what he deals with in his normal line of work.

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