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IC contact post

This is James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. When I'm not here.

Feel free to leave any comments, complaints, compliments, or questions. It's an open door.
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After a couple hours of triage, the boxing-related injuries had trailed off and Rosethorn had sent most people not officially on infirmary staff - Jim included - on their way. She'd stayed, for stragglers and to keep an eye on a couple possible concussions.

So it's quite early morning when she finally allows herself leave. She's exhausted physically, but still wide awake, agitated by both the work and the circumstances surrounding it. The idea of going back to her empty cabin to be alone with her thought rankles her, so she walks instead.

She doesn't want to be rude, when she finds herself outside Jim's door. And waking a friend at this hour certainly would be. But in the off chance he's up, she knocks lightly on the door, ready to turn and leave if there's no answer.

Company will do her good, until she can unwind enough to rest.
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"After that shift? Not for another couple hours, I'm afraid." It's not unheard of for her to collapse from overworking herself, but typically only if magic is involved. She hasn't needed to push herself that far here yet, and she's grateful for it.

She steps inside. "I'm not keeping you up, I hope?" She's seen the book, but it is late. Early.
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"Perhaps I should make a point to stop by more often, then." It's only she's so busy, these days. She certainly enjoys her time spent with Jim well enough, but it can be difficult to convince herself to take a break.

"You don't want to be anywhere near a mage who's been drinking, Jim, I assure you. It's quite disconcerting. Tea is lovely." She finds herself a seat on the couch next to him and settles in with a sigh - she'll be feeling today's work in a few hours in every bone.
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"At this hour, please. And you wouldn't be curious long. Control's the first thing to go." And a less powerful mage might not have much to worry about. Jim's cabin doesn't have a lot of living plants, after all. But given she can influence plant fibers and wood given the right circumstances...

She finally smiles when he makes his suggestion. "That had better mean what I think it means."
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A laugh, quiet and tired, but genuine. "A massage was what I was hoping for. One moment-"

And it won't do much good through her habit, so she pulls the robes off over her head. She wears a light linen shirt and pants underneath, comfortable and practical. On the hottest days of the year, she'll sometimes go with nothing but her underthings, but most of the time an extra layer is a better idea. Especially with how dirty gardening can be.

"If it means something else anywhere, I don't know it." She settles with her back to him.
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YES perfect

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"Trust me. I'm eternally grateful that I wasn't beholden to all of the rules about bowing while I was in Yanjing. Or proper dress for the royal court." Being a Dedicate did have its advantages that way. "I can't imagine walking into an alien culture without being prepared."

She closes her eyes and sighs, relaxing into his touch as he works. Oh, she does like a man who's good with his hands.
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It takes her a moment to respond, distracted by the feeling of his hands warming her body. Yes, she definitely needs to visit more, if this is what she gets for her trouble.

"Hmm? Ah. It was supposed to only be to travel and learn. See the gardens the East is so famous for. I didn't expect a royal invitation, though I expect the Emperor had spies to tell him we were travelling his way."

She tenses again, at the mention of the Emperor.
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"My own." There's no hesitation there. She misses it dearly, and even visiting in the Enclosure doesn't feel quite the same.

And then there's another garden, waiting for her in a realm she visited only briefly. One needing lifetimes of work and care. Neither option really makes her feel better, at the moment.

"I can't tell if you're terrible at picking soothing topics, or if I'm being difficult."
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"You're being entirely too distracting to make for good conversation, anyway." It occurs to her that perhaps she has too many wounds, too raw, too close to the surface. It occurs to her that there's little she can think of that won't lay a nerve bare.

But the thought's only a fleeting one. Something to be dealt with later (as she tells herself every time she has such thoughts, lately).

"You could talk about you." Or they could not talk at all. She's warming to that possibility.