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Subject to change; I just want to throw this up here for anyone who's wondering who this new kid is.

Basically, I'm open to nearly everything. I'll try to put a more specific list up (is there a checklist somewhere?), but for now:

Multiple partners, selfcest, D/s (with Jim subbing), surprising me. If you make me think, "oh that's dirtybadwrong" you're probably doing all right, and if not, I'll tell you.

Cuddles, vanilla, bondage, oral, anal, vaginal, genderswap, toys, public sex, humiliation, voyeurism/exhibitionism, orgasm control/denial, spanking (etc), rough sex, mind control, dub/non-con, coercion, pegging, masturbation, orgy/gang bang, tentacles, xenophilia.

Neither Jim nor I discriminates based on a character's form, so sentient characters with animal/alien characteristics are fine but non-sentient animals are a no.
Light torture is probably okay. Stuff that happens in the normal course of things--various bodily fluids--okay.
Anything I haven't mentioned, free free to ask. I'm trying to get better at writing kink.

Watersports, scat, bestiality, pedophilia. And Jim will never force anyone into anything.

Jim is bi/poly-sexual, sex-positive, and up for nearly anything once. But he's more likely to sub than dom (we can talk about that, if you want) and equally likely to top or bottom. Jim is big on consent--he won't do ANYTHING without that unless something's gone wrong. However, that's not the same for me. I'm fine with dub- and non-con directed at him, and some amount of torture. And if you want some mirrorverse action, we can probably talk about that, too.

I love Jim-as-sub, but he (and I) respond best to something rich in character, not simply physical domination. He gets enough of that in a non-sexy context--to get the best response, Jim needs to be brought along, not just tied up and ordered. Now, that being said, I'm also open to torture, dub-con, etc--I'm just saying that if you're looking for a BDSM scene, Jim needs to be convinced to let go. Otherwise it's just like being kidnapped by aliens and he'll rebel.

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Backtagging: Totally
Threadhopping: Yup--feel free to ask first, if it looks dicey
Fourthwalling: Yes.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None that I know of.


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